About Us

Company Overview

A.C.T. Holdings Pte Ltd is a family owned, diversified group with real estate and private equity investments in Singapore, the USA and China.  Our primary focus is residential development, in our core markets of Singapore, and the Southeastern USA. 

A global view allows the company to allocate assets between emerging markets in Asia, and the developed markets in the US and Europe. Often adopting a contrarian stance, we tend to overweight markets that are undervalued, and lighten up on markets that are booming, or in danger of overheating.  The company aims to provide steady, superior returns, as well as geographical and sector diversification for its members.

As a private company with a long term horizon, we have diversified our position with direct investments in commercial and residential development, as well as private equity and venture capital investments.

About Us

In 2011, ACT seeded Novo Tellus Capital Partners’ PE Fund I, a private equity fund focused on control investments in technology and industrial buyouts in South East Asia.   The Fund is currently the single largest shareholder in SGX  listed AEM Holdings Ltd, a leading supplier of semiconductor test handling equipment.   Since Novo Tellus took control of the company, AEM has gotten off the SGX watchlist, and paid its first dividends in five years.

ACT was also an inception stage investor in a number of Singapore based hedge funds, including New Silk Road’s Asia Landmark Fund, Tahan’s Asia Opportunities Fund (both in 2009) and Kingsmead’s Asian Alpha Fund in 2012.